Michele Spotti

Hello, dear Michele! We are thrilled to have you here and to welcome you into our big, charming musical family. Let’s get started! When did you know that maybe becoming a conductor would fulfil your dreams & needs as a musician? How was the first time going on the podium? How did you feel, and […]

Benedetta Torre

Dear Benedetta, thank you for having accepted our invitation! It’s such a pleasure to have this conversation with you! How was your summer? What do you think about the new season?  I had time to enjoy myself with friends, visit wonderful places and spend time with my family, but also to study for my upcoming debuts. […]

Matteo Falcier

Dear Matteo, nice to meet you! It’s a pleasure to have this conversation with you! My questions find you shortly before Le nozze di Figaro at Teatro alla Scala. Can you give us a little spoiler regarding the production? What does this stage mean to you? Dear Alice, nice talking to you! I’m so pleased to chat […]

Florian Sempey

Dear Florian, it’s a pleasure to have you interviewed. Thank you for having accepted our invitation. My questions find you right before your Don Giovanni at Soirées Lyriques de Sanxay, am I right? How is Jean Christophe Mast’s production? What can you tell us about your Don Giovanni?  I just finished my last Don Giovanni performance. It was my […]

Jochen Schönleber

Dear Mr Schönleber, thank you for having accepted our invitation! Your part in the Rossini in Wildbad Festival is crucial for it to work properly. You have multiple roles within the inner workings of the festival, but the most visible ones are those of Intendant and director. What does it mean to lead a festival […]

Antonino Fogliani

Dear Mr Fogliani, thank you for having accepted to do this interview! The Rossini in Wildbad Festival took place last month. You have been a part of the festival yearly for a very long time. Tell us about your story with the festival. I conducted my first opera in Wildbad in 2004. It was Rossini’s […]

Francesco Demuro

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Maria Kataeva

Dear Maria, thank you for having accepted our invitation! It is a pleasure to talk to you a few days before your return to the Rossini Opera Festival with a solo recital with orchestra. What will be the highlights of this recital, and what is your relationship with the Rossinian repertoire? This concert contains arias of […]

Liana Aleksanyan

Dear Liana, thank you for having accepted our invitation! It’s such a pleasure to have this conversation with you. How is your summer going so far? What do you think about the next season? Thank you for having me! I didn’t really have proper summer in terms of taking a break. In fact, it was a […]

David Livermore

Mr Livermore, thank you once again for having accepted our invitation!  Our questions find you in the middle of the sets for the movie “The Opera!” in Turin, a musical opera directed, written, and scripted by you and Paolo Gep Cucco, with an international cast that features, among others, Valentino Buzza, Mariam Battistelli, Vincent Cassel, […]