Boris Pinkhasovich

Dear Boris, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for having accepted our invitation! You were supposed to make your Scala debut as Enrico, but instead, you made your anticipated debut as Marcello in La Bohème. How was it to make your debut at the Teatro alla Scala as a jump in? Was the pressure higher? What were your thoughts before you stepped onto a stage with such a […]

Fabio Sartori

Dear Mr. Sartori, thank you for having accepted our invitation. It is a pleasure for us to be having this conversation! Last month we could see you interpreting the role of Jacopo Foscari in a new production by Alvis Hermanis at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa. You have already sung this role multiple times. […]

Paolo Petrocelli

Dear Mr Petrocelli, it is a pleasure to be able to chat with you and I would like to express my sincere congratulations for your entire career, but especially for your most recent achievements. The first thing that came through my mind when I read your biography was: what made you focus on the opera in […]

Francesco Ivan Ciampa

Dear M° Ciampa, thank you for having accepted our invitation! It cannot pass unnoticed the fact that you are one of the most active conductors of the opera world’s panorama at the moment: you managed to lead the rehearsals for Adriana Lecouvreur in Parma while conducting a production of Don Pasquale and now, you have […]

Paolo Arrivabeni

Dear M° Arrivabeni, thank you for accepting once again to be interviewed for OPERA Charm Magazine right after adding the 72nd title to your repertoire: Puccini’s Madama Butterfly! What are the challenges this title poses for a conductor, should there be any after a career such as yours, with so much experience?  Taking on a new title is […]

Carmen Giannattasio

Dear Carmen, it is such a pleasure for us to chat with you right before your debut in Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin as Tatiana! We cannot help but wonder what is your story with the Russian language and literature? What was born first: the love for opera or for the Russian literature? First, it was Russian and literature […]

Irina Lungu

Dear Irina, thank you for having accepted our invitation. It is such a pleasure to have this conversation with you and also to be able to see you performing in La Boheme at the Teatro alla Scala. You made history as the very first singer to ever perform both Musetta and Mimi in the same […]

Frédéric Chaslin

Dear M° Chaslin, it is a pleasure to have you interviewed for OPERA Charm Magazine finally! Let’s start our conversation with the most recent and exciting production you conducted in Teatro alla Scala, Les Contes d’Hoffmann. Tell us about which edition you chose and your thoughts on the many proposed versions of this opera.  I spoke […]

Mariam Battistelli

Dear Mariam, it is a real pleasure to have you interviewed! You were an incredible Musetta at the Teatro alla Scala last month in the historical production of Zeffirelli. Congrats! Now, after a while from this experience, tell us how you felt, and how it was. It was overwhelmingly impressive. Debuting in one of the […]

Michael Nemeth

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